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Getting Students Seasoned is a resource for educators who teach culinary arts at any level. Explore clear, concise, and practical methods to plan and deliver a cooking class in a highly effective manner and learn ways to manage a culinary classroom setting successfully. This guide also offers strategies to maintain your professional “shelf life” in this difficult but rewarding career.


The guide is a quick and easy read for busy professionals and education students. Teachers often wait until vacations to research and make changes to their practice. No need to wait... this guide is designed so any professional could purchase on Friday, read from cover to cover over the weekend, and be ready to implement changes on Monday morning!


Add this guide to any Family and Consumer Sciences methods, classroom management, or student teaching courses to enrich the pedogogical knowledge of the student.


ISBN: 9781457542886

Managing The Millennial Market cover


by Seth Barnett

Generation Y, known as the Millennials, currently makes up more than 1/3 of the U.S. market.  With that number growing, this is the largest generation to ever hold a majority spot in the marketplace. Businesses and community leaders must be proactive in integrating young talent into the workforce to foster cohesion between generations and understand the challenges of a new world. 

Managing the Millennial Market will walk readers through specialized research about the generation known as Millennials. It looks at common challenges that educators, business leaders, and older generations face when interacting and engaging with this group.


A young generation making waves within society is nothing new, yet the waves created by the Millennials are being felt more than with past generations. The emerging millennial market is both changing and challenging the way we do business. Author Seth Barnett takes a closer look at ways to utilize both existing and emerging information to develop leadership strategies designed to assimilate with this new market. 


Readers will learn the proper use of technology integration, along with the nuances of social media. Barnett explains the necessity for maintaining tested strategic methods. Millennials are the next leaders of industry, the teachers of our children, and the future of our economy. By reading Managing the Millennial Market, you will gain a deeper understanding of the changing world.

Club Funding Smarter Not Harder

by Ryan M. Judge

Club Funding Smarter Not Harder is a guide to creating a business sponsorship model for use by student clubs and organizations. Research shows that fundraising is often not meeting the needs of club advisors and that sponsorships are a rarely utilized funding option. This guide offers a detailed explanation of the sponsorship process and shares ideas for low risk, high yield fundraising options to meet the needs of student organizations.