To date, Generation Y also known as Millennials make up more than 1/3 of the U.S. market and that number continues to increase. This is the largest generation to ever hold a majority spot in our marketplace. It is imperative that businesses and community leaders are proactive in integrating young talent into the workforce, creating cohesion between generations, and that they understand how to face the challenges of a new world. Managing the Millennial Market will walk through specialized research about the group called the Millennials. It looks at common challenges that educators, business leaders, and other generations face when interacting and engaging with this young group. A young generation making waves within our society is nothing new, but the waves of the Millennials are felt more than any others. The emerging Millennial market is changing and challenging the way we do business and the tools we use. Take a closer look at ways to utilize existing and emerging information to create well developed leadership strategies to assimilate with this new market. Learn the proper use of technology integration including the nuances of social media, understand the necessity for maintaining tested strategic methods, and be able to recognize what it takes to further develop strategies for success for this and all future generations. Millennials are the next leaders of industry, the teachers of our children, and the future of our economy. With Managing the Millennial Market, you will be able to better understand the changing world around us and find ways to better react and adapt.

Managing The Millennial Market

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