by Sigrid Simms


These are the memoirs of Hephaestion, an historical person, who was the closest friend of Alexander the Great from childhood to their early deaths at the age of thirty-two. Born in the 4th century BCE, Alexander became King of Macedon at the age of twenty and in two years brought all of Greece and the northern kingdoms under his rule. Invading Asia with only 35,000 troops and 'my hopes', Alexander defeated the massive Persian Empire and became Lord of all Asia. He was anointed Pharaoh of Egypt and became Ruler of India. He was never defeated and by the age of twenty-nine, ruled the largest empire in the world. But Alexander was also an explorer and builder: he founded more than sixty cities, built roads and schools, expanded caravan and sea routes and standardized currency. He embraced diversity and worked to integrate all the people he ruled into one cohesive empire. Meticulously researched and historically accurate, Lion of Macedon is written with the voice of a young warrior and the eyes of a contemporary eyewitness. Expressed with humor and a richness of detail, Hephaestion's unique perspective paints a compelling portrait of Alexander: the scholar, dreamer and unabashed romantic, while also conveying the exhilaration of living during this brief time in history when the world was changed forever by the vision of one man. Alexander remains a towering figure in world history. His military genius, personal charisma and the scope of his accomplishments have never been surpassed. His tactics are still studied today at West Point.



Lion of Macedon: The Life of Alexander the Great

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