by M.L. Judge


Rachael Mangum investigates the actions of a 14-year old youth in her juvenile facility.  Did this young man have a chance given the circumstances he was born into? Can she forgive him for the heinous crime he commits?  Can she identify evil in the eyes of others? Is everyone worthy of forgiveness? Rachael searches for understanding while examining her own trauma history.  She is forthcoming about her journey to find forgiveness in both her personal and professional life. The parallel process is undeniable.

While investigating a shocking murder and allegations of abuse within the juvenile detention facility that she manages, Rachael Mangum is forced to revisit the traumas of her own youth. As she struggles to make sense of these crimes and understand the forces of evil at work within some people, she explores the power of forgiveness and comes to terms with the events that shaped her into the strong woman she has become.


ISBN: 9780999666203

Evil Eyes: A Journey In Seeking Forgiveness And Understanding